“Are you ready for today?” “Huh?.. What?” you mumbled as you looked over to your right to see your friend looking back at you with a blank expression on their face. “Umm, yeah. Just a tad nervous but I’m sure it’ll go away,” you said hopefully. “I would be too honestly, but on the brightside, you get to see some of your fans!” “That’s true,” you replied, “this’ll be the first time.” As you looked out your window, gazing at all the little cars and buildings that you passed on the way, you thought of how fun today would be. All the people you would meet and the fun you all would have, and you’d even get to see some of your youtube friends for the first time! With a content sigh, you closed your eyes and dozed off, dreaming of all that could happen in that day.

“(y/n), wake up.” “Huh?.. Are we here?” Slowly but surely, you rose up from your slumber to look at where you were at, at when you saw all the people walking around, taking pictures, and dressed in costumes, you knew that you had made it to Comic Con. “Let’s do this,” you muttered to yourself under your breathe as you began to push yourself out of the car. While you walked around the area, taking pictures and signing things for your fans along the way, you looked around for the panel that you and multiple other youtubers would share to answer questions for the fans.

Since everything was so new to you, you took today as an opportunity to enjoy every little thing like the toys and food, even the people. Fortunately enough, you got to meet so many nice people fans or not, and after you were done talking to a big group of girls in cute onesies, you started to walk off. Off in the distance, you could’ve sworn that you heard a familar voice somwhere out there, but since you couldn’t really point out who you thought it belonged to, you just shrugged it off and went on with your day. The more you walked, the more closer the voice sounded, making it harder to just shrug off, so you decided to just take a quick look at your surroundings. When your eyes rested on the sight of your friend Mark, you instantly smiled and felt excited as you eagerly yelled, “Mark!!”

At first, he looked around his own surroundings with a confused expression as to where his name was being called from, but the moment he realized that it was you who called him, his eyes lit up with a big grin spreading across his face. “(y/n)!” he screamed with arms wide open as he jogged over to you, “I can’t believe it’s you!” He tackled your body roughly as you wrapped your arms around his neck for support, and within those few moments that you were sharing together, it felt like there was no one else in that room besides you two. You always wondered what his hugs would feel like, and with this first experience that you were having, you could tell that he loved to give bear hugs. After he was done swaying you from side to side, he let go of your body gently, and looked at you once you were completely in front of him and asked, “Are you excited for the panel?” “Yeah,” you exclaimed, “I bet we’re gonna be asked some weird questions though.” He was nodding his head in agreement with a smile on his face, completely aware that there was definitely going to be some weird questions, but then he said, “Hey, let’s go look for Jon.”

After searching for a few minutes, you both found Jon who you hugged and began to talk to for some time. While him and Mark were talking, Jon managed to comment on your appearance saying, “You’ve always looked pretty on camera but you look so much prettier in real life.” With a blush glowing on your cheeks, you shyly looked at the ground with a flattered smile telling him how flattered you were; and while you were looking away, Mark looked at you with a smile on his face, thinking of how beautiful he thought you were.

In the midst of you three talking, Jon looked at his phone to look at the time and when he noticed that it was close to being on the panel he exlaimed, “We’d better head off now!” As he began to walk away in the direction of the panel, Mark looked back at you to grab your hand to lead to the panel and eagerly said, “We can sit next to each other for the panel!” While you followed his lead still holding onto his hand, you looked at him with a cute little smile, thinking about how much it seemed like he liked you and while he was looking away from you, Mark had the same little smile on his own lips, thinking of how lucky he felt to be holding the hand of such a beautiful gal like you.

~requested by keishafoulke95~